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Tesla Pod - Public Module

Tesla Pod is my Design Master's Thesis which consists of a Modular Autonomous Electric Platform for the Transport of People and Cargo through urban areas.

The Public Module here presented has room for 12 people, 6 standing and 6 seated. It has the same sliding pantograph door opening mechanism as the other modules, in order to reduce production cost of complex parts. Is composed of a Carbon Fiber Composite body, with polycarbonate door panels covered with microperfurated vinyl, to create an integrated and modern look, together with the platform, while providing exterior visibility for the occupants. The module also has front, back and side screen to inform pedestrians and users about its imminent actions and destination, and has the same top Drone Arm connector and bottom platform retention connector as the other modules.

With this modular and independent approach, each module can be developed at a substantially lower cost than current concepts of mobility, opening various possibilit