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Tesla Pod - Private Module

Tesla Pod is my Design Master's Thesis which consists of a Modular Autonomous Electric Platform for the Transport of People and Goods through urban areas

The Private Module here presented has 4 rotating seats, allowing for various interior setups. from maximum leg room to lounge space for the passengers. The module is composed of a Carbon Fiber Composite body, with electrochromatic windows. It has for Sliding Pantograph doors, allowing for minimum amplitude of motion, optimal for close urban spaces. It has a female connector in the middle of the roof, in order to be removed from the platform, via the Drone Arm, and a male conector on the bottom of the module to attach to the platform securely.

The module presents very smooth, continuous lines that travel throughout the whole body, as well as the platform, for a Integrated and sporty look for the whole package.

The module is intended to be used as a Private Module. where the user only has to buy the module and pay a fee for the use o